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Multi-Part Series: Mommy Makeover Season 1 Episode 1

👋 Dr. Bruggeman here.  I will be writing all the content for this blog myself.  This will give me a chance to offer mini-consults through the internet. There will be photos involved so that you can compare the things discussed here to yourself or someone you know.  All of the photos are mine unless otherwise specified.  There’s no substitute for an in person consult but this will be an effective way to help you decide if a consult is worth it.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

I’ll begin with a multi-part series that covers Mommy Makeover . A mommy makeover can be a confusing term because it covers a lot of different things.  Basically the term applies to the correction of any of the negative changes that happen to your body after having a baby.  Mostly this involves the change in size and or drooping of the breasts.  Another major body area of concern is the abdomen.  It experiences a lot negative effects from the increase in overall size and stretching of the skin.  Also, with childbearing there is weight gain that is healthy for you, and the baby as well, but sometimes it can be difficult to lose the unwanted weight after pregnancy.  These areas are often good targets for liposuction and skin tightening modalities.

Starting From the Top Down- The Nipple

Let’s start from the top down.  Today’s topic will begin with the nipple.  It is usually positioned on the top and in the center of the breast.  It may be the first thing that is noticed when you look at your breast.  With breast feeding the nipple can change.  It may change positions, usually to a lower part of the breast, this contributes to the droopy appearance referred to as “ptosis.”  Also, the size of the areola and the nipple itself can change.  If the nipple maintains a disproportionately large size after the breast’s volume has gone away it can be fixed.  Often times the size or shape off the nipple is a topic that gets overlooked in consults because patients may not be aware that anything can be done safely, or the doctor may assume that if the patient doesn’t bring it up then they must be happy with it.

The above photos are examples of enlarged nipples that detract from the overall aesthetic appearance of the breast.  The procedure used to reduce the height of the nipple is safe and can be done in the office with local anesthetic.  As you can see here nothing is amputated and no nerves or ducts are severed, because the reduction comes from excising the excess skin around the nipple.  Sutures are placed to bring the height of the nipple down. Any size can be selected for your desired end result.

Here are examples of two different heights resulting from the same procedure.  The sutures are left in place for 1-2 weeks.  The sensation and the ability to breast feed in the future remain intact.

Season 1 Episode 2- COMING SOON!

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