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What is an Abdominoplasty

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A tummy tuck (also called abdominoplasty) reduces both skin and body fat, while a skin only tummy tuck removes excess skin. The typical tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles to decrease a protruding abdomen. A skin-only tummy tuck reduces the extra skin that causes the area to look like it’s protruding.

Which one do you need? Make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Bruggeman and his team. They will help determine which procedure, skin only tummy tuck or full tummy tuck, is right for you. During your visit, they’ll review your medical history and needs, and provide you with details on the recommended procedure along with the cost of a tummy tuck. Then you can make an informed decision about your procedure.

Stomach Plastic Surgery for Men and Women

No matter how hard some people exercise or how much they diet, they can’t get rid of the roll of flab at the waistline. Stomach plastic surgery may be the answer if you’re sick of situps or if nothing seems to touch that sag that bothers you so much.

The male tummy tuck has become quite popular and provides men with the flat, toned look they like (and women love). It can help strengthen your core and lasts for a long time. Like a ladies’ tummy tuck, the male tummy tuck hides the scar under your bikini line so you can wear a bathing suit or shorts without disclosing that you’ve had the surgery.

Plus Size Tummy Tuck Reduces Excess Skin

A plus size tummy tuck helps reduce excess skin from the waist after significant weight loss. If you’ve ever lost a lot of weight, you know that the skin doesn’t always shrink along with the fat. As the body sheds fat, it may find it impossible to reduce skin stretched by years of carrying excess weight. A plus size tummy tuck fixes that problem by removing excess skin and tightening the skin to show off your new, streamlined figure.

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