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Morpheus 8


Morpheus8 RF Microneedling

Morpheus 8 is used to tighten and brighten your skin.  Typically performed in a series of three you will notice skin tightening over the course of 6-9 months. This nonsurgical skincare option is a popular choice among men and women who want to rejuvenate their faces and regain a youthful glow. Morpheus8 combines the modalities of RF technology with the revitalizing benefits of microneedling. 

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a nonsurgical treatment that improves the texture of your skin by creating micro channel injuries to the skin. During your session, the microneedling device punctures the top skin layer with tiny needles to trigger the body’s natural healing response. As the wounds heal, the dermis produces more collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks for tight, smooth skin. The result is a complexion that looks more even and refined.

What Is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is an advanced version of traditional microneedling techniques.  Morpheus8 penetrates 3 to 4 mm into the skin when treating the face and neck areas.  Areas such as the arms abdomen and legs can be treated up to 8mm in depth in order to target adipose tissue.  Most other microneedling treatments are much more shallow at about 2 mm depth. As the Morpheus8 handpiece is applied to the skin, its Burst technology delivers radiofrequency energy to varying depths in a single cycle. This multi-level approach reduces treatment time and skin injury.

Morpheus8 is a safe and effective treatment for the face, neck, and body. Many patients choose this treatment to improve their appearance without committing to surgical procedures.


How Does Lumecca Work?

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light is used in a handheld device that penetrates selectively deep into the layers of pigmented skin. The spots, lesions or other pigmentation irregularities absorb the light, and this destroys them. The skin is left smooth, the texture evened out, acne is reduced, and rosacea and other irregularities are resolved.

Lumecca IPL Benefits 

Lumecca IPL provides a number of benefits for patients with pigmentation concerns, including:

  • Non-invasive treatment

  • An ideal treatment for both light and dark skin tones

  • Includes a sapphire cooling tip which makes the procedure more comfortable

  • Rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin

  • Smooths the skin texture

  • Evens skin tone

  • Resolves pigmentation concerns, including freckles, lesions, age spots, and more

  • Reduces rosacea

What happens during the Lumecca IPL treatment? 

We will start by applying a cold gel to your face and providing you with protective eyewear. We will pass the Lumecca handheld device over your skin, which applies wavelengths of IPL into the deeper layers of your skin. 

When the pigmented cells absorb the light, they are destroyed and broken into tiny particles, which the body can then flush away naturally. The IPL is absorbed into the pigmented areas, leaving the surrounding skin free from damage.

Most patients do not find the treatment to be painful, and describe the light flashes as feeling like a tiny rubber band snap on the skin. Treatment time is about 20 minutes.



Diolaze FAQs

Does Diolaze Hurt?

Diolaze has a built in skin cooling surface which is one of the largest for all hair removal devices. This makes treatment more comfortable than other devices, with most patients noting that Diolaze is virtually painless.​

Why Do I Need Multiple Treatments to Achieve Hair Removal?

As with all laser hair removal methods, Diolaze requires a series of treatments. Laser hair removal works best when hair follicles are in their mature stage, however, at any given time, your hair is in various stages of growth.



With each treatment, hair is reduced and the best results are observed after four to six sessions. The number of sessions will differ depending on your hair color, hair type, body area, and skin tone.​

Where Can Diolaze Be Used?

Diolaze can be safely used on most areas of the body that have unwanted hair.

Most Commonly Treated Areas Include:

Bikini, legs, arms, back, shoulders, stomach, neck, chin, and sideburns.


Diolaze is an advanced laser hair removal procedure that safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair. Diolaze has one of the largest treatment spot sizes, making treatments convenient and fast. The combination of efficacy, patient comfort and speed makes Diolaze the leader in laser hair removal.

But, How?

During laser treatment, a diode laser beam passes through the skin towards hair follicles. The penetrating energy then heats up the root of the hair, which in turn prevents future hair growth.

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FormaV_Patient_1a (1).jpg
What Is FormaV

FormaV is a technology designed to promote women’s health and can be paired with Kegel exercises, which tighten the pelvic floor to increase muscle tone. FormaV is a comfortable treatment that provides uniform RF heating of the internal vaginal tissue and external vulvar laxity and/or labial hypertrophy.

Non-invasive treatment that is versatile and provides customisable solutions for patients:

  • Comfortable treatment providing uniform deep heating for tissue remodelling.

  • Indicated for improvement in muscle tone and blood flow.

  • Used internally and externally, showing quick results with continued improvements over time.

Treatment designed for

This handpiece uses deep tissue heating to improve moisture, muscle relaxation and improve the pH environment of the vagina. It helps with sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, poor circulation and urinary incontinence. FormaV also assists to firm loose tissue to stimulate vaginal tightening.

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