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Bruggeman Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Opens Office in Peoria, Arizona

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Medical Day Spa and Plastic Surgery Office Brings Latest Facial, Body Enhancement Techniques to Peoria-Area Residents

PEORIA, Arizona — Dr. Brian Bruggeman, M.D., announced today the opening of his new practice in Peoria, Arizona. Bruggeman Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics brings cutting-edge medical aesthetics, plastic surgery, body enhancements and more to the Western Salt River Valley where fun in the sun often leads to premature wrinkling, uneven skin pigmentation, and other signs of aging.

“Our office provides a luxurious, day-spa feeling while under the care of a licensed plastic surgeon or medically-trained aestheticians” said Dr. Bruggeman. “We provide both the latest beauty treatments as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery to correct and enhance a patient’s appearance.”

Bruggeman Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics provides an array of plastic surgery and aesthetic services for a healthier, more youthful appearance. Patients may select from IPL, laser hair removal, skin tightening, Dermalinfusion®, feminine rejuvenation, Botox® and more. Medically-trained aestheticians analyze patients’ skin and recommend products and procedures to enhance and correct common skin problems.

Among the innovative offerings is Crisalix®, a virtual reality system that enables patients to visualize in 3D and 4D what they will look like before and after a procedure.

“It’s revolutionary,” Dr. Bruggeman said. “It answers the common question many patients have: ‘What will I look like after the procedure?’”

Dr. Bruggeman also performs plastic surgery services including reconstructive surgery after mastectomy, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), face lifts, breast implants and breast reduction surgery, tummy and chin tuck,  “Mommy Makeover” procedures, and liposuction. Less invasive services that can be performed in the office include BodyTite® and FaceTite® from InMode Aesthetic Solutions, liposuction, body contouring, and skin tightening.

Dr. Bruggeman earned his medical degree from the University of Utah and completed his residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Albany Medical Center, New York. He has worked with burn victims at the Westchester Burn Center in Valhalla, New York, and volunteered his time in Santiago, Dominican Republic, repairing cleft lips and palates.

The office welcomes new patients and encourages those interested in plastic surgery and aesthetic solutions to call (623) 233-5709 to schedule a plastic surgery consultation and aesthetic skin analysis. Bruggeman Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is located at 14155 N. 83rd Avenue, Suite 147, Peoria, Arizona.

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About Bruggeman Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Bruggeman Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, located in Peoria, Arizona, offers plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as medical aesthetics for men and women. Innovative services include Crisalix® virtual reality 3D/4D software that enables patients to visualize before and after images, BodyTite® and FaceTite® from Inmode Aesthetic Solutions, and many more services. The relaxing, spa-like environment, medically trained aestheticians, and excellent care from Dr. Bruggeman and his staff provide patients with procedures that enhance their appearance and help them feel good about themselves.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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