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Mommy Makeover Season 1: Episode 6

Types of Mastopexy

There are two major different types of Mastopexy. (Breast Lift) The first one is a skin only mastopexy which is able to remove excess skin and lift some of the tissue. This is only appropriate when the amount of breast tissue is minimal and the main problem is the excess skin. The more common case is when the whole breast itself needs to be lifted by re-shaping and repositioning. Especially if the breast is larger in size. These two surgeries are substantially different.

A Major mastopexy takes longer to perform and is more risky. It is more likely to harm nerves and blood vessels. The blood flow to the nipple has to be considered in these cases to keep it safe and prevent necrosis. If the measurement from the inframammary crease to the nipple, is greater than 15 cm then a free nipple graft should be considered. This allows for a more powerful reshaping of the breast to be performed. The following are some examples of skin only Mastopexy‘s versus a Major Mastopexy.

Next week we will show discuss free nipple graft in in more detail..

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